Expat Eyes

This blog contains the photographs, observations and reflections of Rena Diana, an educator and writer, during extended stays in the Arabian Gulf, China, and Mongolia.


In 2007 my  husband and I decided to embark on an adventure. He began to work internationally and I joined him in the fall of 2008. We lived in Dubai two years and Qatar two years and have recently transitioned to Asia, where we will spend time in China and Mongolia. I enjoy travelling, reading, writing, and photographing, so this experience has been a terrific opportunity for me- intellectually stimulating, enriching, enlarging.

This blog is an ideal outlet for creative expression. It also allows me to remain connected with family and friends and to interact with a broader community. I will share photographs and vignettes that, I hope,  capture a variety of perspectives in these fascinating cultures. I welcome your comments!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Rena, this is so beautiful and inspiring. i love it. I will be one of your faithful followers. I love Hafiz and Rumi and my name in Arabic means “faithful”. with love and light and many blseeings on your journey, xxWafa’

  2. ledmundswritingcafe on said:

    Rena, What a beginning–a whirling dervish! I am happy that you have
    set this blog up so we can follow your travels–and insights.

  3. Anna Burns on said:

    Rena, I have signed up for all these posts and will read them with total absorption!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experiences with the rest of us!!!! Anna

  4. Hi Rena I am looking forward to reading your entries about Mongolia in particular as I am off there myself in 3 weeks time!

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